Croi Nua Spirituality Centre was established in 2002.  It is a non-profit organization aiming to provide opportunities for people to explore, in various ways, what is meant by “a New Heart” for our world through workshops, courses, lectures, mini-retreats, various liturgical services etc.

Croí Nua is people with a vision and a hope.  A group of people, lay and Missionaries of the  Sacred Heart, manage the Centre and reflect together on their lives, our church and our world.  They hope the Centre will become a sacred space where people can explore and experience God’s love for themselves, where they can hear God’s word, find support for their journey and find opportunities to be a light  and a hope for other seekers.

To keep  the Centre financially solvent,  a fee is charged; however we want no one turned away from anything on offer because of finance.  Usual charge €10 a night and €30 for a day for programmes run by Croí Nua.

Spiritual direction and counselling are available on request.


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