Croi Nua Is A Vision And A Hope

A group of lay people and Missionaries manage the centre and reflect together on their lives, the church, the world, and the times. They hope the centre will be a sacred space where people can experience and explore God’s love for themselves and where they can hear God’s word. They hope people will find support for their journey and find opportunities to be a light and hope for other seekers.  Croi Nua wants to be the heart of Christ for our world, to be with people in their joys and hopes, their grief and anguish. They trust the world God gives us is full of promise and we need to bring empathy and care to it, whatever the complications and mixed messages we meet. We trust this world can be saturated with the energy of the Resurrection because the Living Christ is the Greatest Gift we can give it. A spirituality of the heart recognises and values all the struggles and glories of the human story and includes a deep respect for our earth, a passion for justice and peace and the equality of all God’s children, irrespective of gender, race, class, or faith. The same passion drives us to recognise and create a church that is inclusive, that makes space for all whatever their story, a church that sees variety as enrichment and that struggles for unity with our sister churches.


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