Permission to be Yourself – Embracing Your Essence

Past Events

Marion O’Brien & Michael Hegarty: Permission to be Yourself – Embracing Your Essence



Marion O’Brien presented a workshop entitled “Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone” in May, 2023. Following positive feedback and a desire for more interactive workshops, Marion and Michael
Hegarty returned to Croi Nua on September 30th and presented this insightful and enjoyable workshop “Permission to be yourself – embracing your essence”.

Their workshop was very well attended and again included a balanced blend of individual and group work, facilitated through the use of guided activities, play, memory work and visualisation. The
morning focused on the importance of each person connecting to and honouring his or her own unique and individual inner essence. Following the break, the focus was on how attendees could
create their own Essence Statement and discover ways of bringing that essence more alive each day. The facilitators created an atmosphere of rapport, trust and safety so participants became
comfortable sharing personal wisdom gained through their own life experiences. Friendships were created due to the deep sharing and respect shown to each individual.

One of the reasons the events facilitated by Marion have received such positive feedback is due to the atmosphere created that encourages the level of honest and intimate sharing that occurs within the group activities. Our human nature craves connection and this sense of shared experience, which we often struggle to find. Some of the positive comments received after the event included the following: “Excellent session, I have gotten so much out of today and I’m sure as the weeks go on, I will uncover more”; “A very enjoyable, informative, insightful presentation, well done”

We expect Marion to facilitate another event in 2024.